Monday, August 29, 2016

20 minutes to think!

20 minutes to think

Today’s post is about how I am using my time wisely and investing in my thoughts. Many people say they are too busy and have time for nothing. What if I tell you that those people are just making excuses? I used to be one of those people who love to make excuses, but I decided to change. I realize that we can do anything we want, if we FOCUS. I heard someone saying we should plan our lives the way we plan our vacations; that is so true! Everything we focus is much more likely to happen.

I was reading the book “The Leaders Checklist” by Terri Savelle Foy (which I highly recommend) she said, “It’s what you do on a daily basis that leads you closer to your dreams or further from them.” Therefore, I decided that I will spend 20 minutes of my day thinking and writing down my ideas. Many successful people like Peter J Daniels schedule time to think, by doing so; he says that all of his greatest ideas, opportunities, and moneymaking ventures started. I believe that if we want change, the first step should be: change the routine; you don’t need to go crazy, but start with small changes, by doing so, you will begin to realize that you are more productive, inspired, self-controlled, and than you are going to have a desire to share your thoughts with the world.
 To conclude, I truly believe, and recommend that you try changing a few things on you daily routine. Be willing to learn new things for your personal growth. “Ordinary people can utilize good time-management techniques and get great results. On the other hand, people who seem to have everything going for them can fail if they do not manage time.”

         I wish you all a blessed week, and I hope that you inspire someone wherever you are!   

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